English Breakfast – More than a builder’s brew

I suppose it goes to show just how popular tea is in Britain when one variety takes on the mantle of chief companion to the nation’s morning meal.

The name English Breakfast is often given to blends of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas which are readily available on supermarket shelves.  Seemingly every well known tea brand has one, which is why I was more than a little surprised to find such a tea in my Chinese black tea sample collection from www.adagio.uk.com.  After a bit of research though I discovered that it was actually Keemun tea, hailing from the Anhui province of China that was the leaf of choice for the original ‘English Breakfast’.

Although not entirely definite, the origins of the name are actually thought to lie in the USA, with renowned tea merchant Richard Davies (an English immigrant) finding huge popularity with his blended tea across New York City back in 1843.  His product was so popular that it set the benchmark for other tea makers to strive and, in homage to his exquisite brew, blended teas were from then on referred to simply as English Breakfast.  I can only assume that it was always just ‘breakfast tea’ to Richard Davies though.

Anyway, I digress.  Back to the present day and the Keemun tea in hand.  Just from opening the packet I could tell I was in for an entirely different taste than that of the previous Chinese teas I had tasted.  There was a smokiness and a density which contrasted greatly to the Yunnan teas I had sampled.  I put a large spoonful into my infuser and allowed it to brew for a solid four minutes, then added a small dash of milk.


What followed next was a tea revelation.  The smokiness was certainly there, though nowhere near too strong.  In the past I’d tasted a Lapsang Souchong, renowned for its smoky flavour but the two couldn’t be any more different.  Think relaxing cottage wood fire compared to standing downwind of raging Guy Fawkes’ Night bonfire.  The flavour was so intriguing and pleasant, with its sweet, honey finish, that I found the whole cup to be gone in a matter of minutes.  So quick was I to polish off the cup in fact, that I did not even stop to take any photos!

A few hours later and with the memory of the flavour still in my mind, I was back at the kettle and preparing another cup.  This time I was prepared however and had my camera ready, and even a slice of cake to accompany it.  Well it is the quintessential English tea after all…

Are you a big fan of an English Breakfast tea?  What do you think I should try next?  Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. When it comes to English style teas, then as much as I want to side with Yorkshire Tea, coming as I do from GOC , I have to confess that my favourite is from Tregothnan in Cornwall, which apart from a superb range of sublime tasting teas can boast of being the only tea garden in the country.

    They aren’t cheap by any means, but they are most certainly worth it!

    Their web site is over at…



    1. Rory says:

      Yorkshire Tea is always an enjoyable cup!

      I wasn’t aware that it was even possible to grow to in this country, I assumed the climate wouldn’t be right. I think I’ll have to order some of that!

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      1. Came as a surprise to me, too!

        From what I remember Tregothnan has a special micro-climate within Cornwall’s generally warmer climate that makes it possible to grow tea bushes.

        As a guide (and perhaps a warning!) I paid £20 for 60 teabags….


      2. Rory says:

        Wow, you’d have to savour every cup at that price! Maybe if I write to them and ask them nicely they’ll pop a sample in the post…

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  2. kaceybrock says:

    I love black tea with a little cream! I’m a fairly new tea drinker but catching on! 😉


    1. Rory says:

      I think it’s a great way to drink it, I always go for the classic British way with a spot of milk.

      Keep up the tea drinking, there’s so much variety out there to keep you interested. I plan on giving honest opinions about all the ones I try so you might get some ideas about what to drink next!

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  3. hilsart says:

    Ah….another tea fanatic. Fantastic.

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  4. Miriam C says:

    Have not really given it a good try I don’t think. Is there a good brand you recommend for someone living in the USA? I was thinking of seeing what David’s Tea had to offer maybe. There are plenty of grocery store blends too. Just wondering if there is a particularly loved brand.


    1. Rory says:

      I’ve not tried David’s Tea myself but I’ve heard positive things about it. Mine was from Adagio and was particularly enjoyable, they also have an American website too so you would be able to order from there.
      The most popular grocery store blend in the UK is PG Tips, although I’m not a great admirer to be honest. I would probably go for Twinings as a brand as it seems to have a bit more flavour to it than other bagged teas!
      Hope this helps, thanks for reading!

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      1. Miriam C says:

        Thank you! I will definitely try Adagio and Twinings!


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