Cherry Sencha – From China via Macclesfield

On a drizzly Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend and fellow tea lover, Gabby, and I decided to get out of the house and find somewhere nice for lunch. A bit of rain is never going to stop the quest for food, this is Britain after all and drizzle is what we do best.

We found ourselves at a little farm shop with its own deli and cafe just outside of Chester and trudged inside to see what was on offer.

After a myriad of locally sourced deli delights (and a pot of tea of course) we meandered through the farm shop to see the best of what Cheshire and North Wales had to offer.

Amongst the earthy vegetables and artisan chutneys we came across a clutch of teas from independent businesses, both loose leaf and bagged, which brought about a serious amount of perusing.  On the shelves we found a range of teas by the Cheshire Tea Company, who are based in Macclesfield, about an hour away from Chester.  One tea in particular caught my eye; a cherry sencha green tea.


This sencha originates from the Hunan Province and is blended with rose petals and natural cherry flavours by the local tea makers.  When I got it back and opened it up, the scent that met me was incredible.  The cherry was imminent and all-encompassing, and I did slightly worry that this might be the only taste that would be apparent when drinking.

There was only one way to find out though so I flicked the kettle on and dug out my trusty infuser.  After four minutes of brewing, the cherry sencha was ready to go.


The cherry was there alright, but nowhere near as strong as feared, and this initial burst of flavour soon gave way to the almost bitter, somewhat grassy taste of the sencha.  For someone who isn’t normally a great fan of a fruit tea, I found that this blend had enough astringency (yes, I’ve been reading) to counteract the sweetness.  I finished the cup feeling pretty happy about my first foray into the world of green tea.

So that was Sunday; good food, classic winter weather, and a new found fondness for a different type of tea.

Do you have a favourite green tea?  Or how about some advice or recommendations for me? Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Robert Mulvaney says:

    Sounds good, would you recommend it for people who usually don’t drink much green tea?

    As for what my favourite green tea is – I love the freshness of mint tea, yet to find anything that beats that…


    1. Rory says:

      Yes I definitely would, it’s not too strong and bitter like some green teas can be.
      Mint tea is always a nice option, especially as a caffeine free alternative.


  2. I’m quite partial to Imperial Green Gunpowder myself. Nice flavour with just a hint of smokiness.

    Interestingly enough, in North Africa that same tea is used as a base for mint tea – a handful of fresh mint leaves are typically thrown into the pot when brewing up…


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