Rooibos Vanilla Chai – Spice Filled, Caffeine Free

I’ve left it a little bit late to start today’s tea review.  It’s currently 9:45PM where I am and I’ve just settled down to sample and I’m just about getting round to tasting my chosen tea, blame a combination of forcing myself to the gym after work and simultaneously trying to watch two football matches after dinner.  Fortunately for me though, tonight’s tea is naturally caffeine free!  It’s the intriguingly blended Rooibos Vanilla Chai.

I was pretty excited about trying this one when I saw that it was a part of the Chai sampler that I had ordered from Adagio Teas.  I had drunk quite a bit of Rooibos a while ago when I was trying to find the cause of a bout of migraines (eventually they just went away, happy days!) and was always quite partial.  I gradually resorted back to black tea though through habit and also because a friend of mine insisted that Rooibos was a nightmare for staining your teeth! (Comments on this below please)


Anyway on to the tea. The spices in this one were your usual Chai suspects; cinnamon bark, cardamom and cloves.  The vanilla as mentioned in the name is actually infused with the rooibos tea and is available to buy on its own, sans spice.  I have read that Chai is always consumed with milk and sugar, but, as I don’t normally take sugar in my tea and with the presence of the vanilla, it might not be a necessary addition to my brew.


I boiled up the kettle and then let it cool a little before adding it to the tea.  Whilst steeping, all the familiar scents from my last experience with Chai were there; the cinnamon front and centre, with the clove not far behind.  My kitchen was filled with the heavenly spices and soon enough it was ready to drink.

In tasting, all the spices were there but this time with a softness unlike with the Masala Chai I had tried before.  The familiar mellowness of the rooibos calmed the spiciness somewhat, which for me was quite welcome, and the vanilla added a sweetness on the finish.  It was well rounded, flavourful, and more of an easy-drinking Chai, perfect for nighttime drinking like I am now!

Overall, it was a really nice cup and something that I could definitely see myself drinking more of.  A beautiful combination of spice and excitement, and earthy calmness.

Have you tried a blend like this before?  What should I go for next?  Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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