How Green Tea Can Help You Live Forever

Okay, okay. I might be exaggerating just a tad with the title. I’m afraid living forever just isn’t viable, but that’s alright, can you imagine how annoyed you would get with ‘the youth of today and their noisy music’ when you’re 300 years old?

Anyway, I’m going off topic before I’ve even got onto it.  Green Tea has long been believed to be somewhat of an all-powerful elixir when it comes to physical and mental health.  It’s used in Chinese and Japanese cultures to cure and prevent a whole host of ailments, from the smaller complaints to the seriously life threatening.  In Western culture we were been slightly slower on the uptake, generally preferring to plump for black tea because, well, it’s what we know and we like the taste! In more recent years though the popularity of green tea has grown dramatically, especially now, with Matcha tea being the flavour of the month!  Now I’m not saying that green tea is some kind of miracle cure, but if it can help protect us from some of the things that life throws up then surely it’s worth having a cup or two a day right?

IMG_0071 (2)
Cherry Sencha Green Tea – read the review here

So how can green tea be so amazing?  And what can it help you with?  Well let’s take a look, shall we?

Green tea may reduce the risk of various types of cancer.  That’s a pretty incredible attribute right off the bat.  How?  Well, cancer is caused by cells growing uncontrollably and a thing known as oxidative damage contributes to this growth.  Antioxidants have a protective effect and, you guessed it, green tea is packed full of these antioxidants!

Green tea improves brain function, and protects it in old age.  Because of a sciencey sounding things called catechins, it is believed that the special tipple can help lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Amazing right? I’m putting the kettle on as we speak.


Green tea can lower the risk of type II diabetes.  With the numbers of people suffering with this rising, it’s more important than ever to start fighting against it.  Green tea can help reduce blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity.  That’s pretty amazing for a cuppa don’t you think?

Green tea can help you lose weight. What could be better than a tasty drink that helps you burn some fat while you’re drinking it?  Green tea raises your metabolic rate which can lead to a decrease in body fat…wait for it…in the abdominal area!  Flick that kettle on and say goodbye to the love handles!

Green tea can help reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. How? Simple, L-theanine of course.  I mean, what else would it be?  Basically, L-theanine can increase the production of serotonin which is used in the treatment against these illnesses.  It also can help the brain to produce dopamine too, which is a chemical associated with pleasure.  Even if you don’t suffer with either of these, green tea is still a great way to improve your mood and help you relax!

So that’s a pretty basic run down of some of the amazing things that green tea is believed to do, and to top it all off, it tastes good too!  It’s incredible to think that one plant, the Camellia Sinensis, is packed full of so many little chemically, sciencey things, that can be so beneficial to our minds and bodies. So if you can change your drinking habits to include a few cups of green tea a day, you could be seriously improving your health, not only for today, but for your future too.

Are you a green tea lover?  Do you drink it for the health benefits or just the taste?  Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you.



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  1. Green tea was my “gateway tea” if you follow me. When I started losing weight several years ago I gave up milk, and didn’t like the idea of black tea sans cow juice, so simply switched to green instead, and never looked back…

    I’d say I drink green primarily for the taste, the health benefits are very much appreciated but also very much a secondary consideration.

    As far as the best green tea goes, I’d have to side with Longjing (Dragon Well).


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