Thai Chai – Asian Fusion Meets Tea


It’s been a busy time for me recently, that’s what I’m using as my excuse for a lack of blog posts anyway.  I’ve got a new job (starting on Friday), been fervently house hunting with Gabby, and generally just being highly disorganised.  As good as it is to be busy though, sometimes you just have to stop, relax and have a cup of tea.  Then write a blog about it.

So I’ve taken my own advice and had a rummage through the tea cupboard to see what delights lay in store.  It seems I’ve amassed quite a collection over the last few months, apparently I have a bit of spending problem when it comes to tea.  This time I wanted something that was full of flavour and had the power to wake me up a little bit after a long day at work.  I found exactly what I was looking for inside the Chai Sampler from Adagio.


The Chai Sampler is a collection of four varieties of Chai, the much loved Indian tea, with a few twists on the classic recipe on offer as well as the traditional powerhouse brew.  I’ve already tried a couple of them, the strong and spicy Masala Chai, and the softer but no less enjoyable Rooibos Vanilla Chai, and they were both packed full of flavour and power.

This time I decided to go for Thai Chai which, as well as promising an amazing cuppa, also has the benefit of sounding like some kind of martial arts hybrid.  It’s a take on the classic Masala Chai with a couple of typical Thai cuisine elements thrown in.  Adagio describe it as, ‘Creamy sweet coconut and playfully floral lemon grass highlight this succulent black chai blend. Spicy and zesty with hints of citrus and coconut lushness. A great alternative to traditional masala chai.’  If it was anything like I was expecting, I was in for a real treat.


I fired up the kettle and popped a couple of teaspoons of the tea in my teapot.  Being a black tea, I didn’t need to really let the boiled water cool down too much so as soon it was ready I poured it in and let the tea steep for five minutes.  The room filled with an incredible coconutty aroma that certainly promised great things!  I decided to add my own little contribution to the combination of flavours and plated up a  homemade chocolate orange brownie that was expertly baked by my Mum.  Surely orange fits in with the whole Thai thing, right?


So with brownie in hand and tea fully steeped, it was time to give it a try.  In comparison to the powerful scent, the combined taste of all those bold notes was surprisingly subtle.  That’s not to say that this chai lacked flavour, oh no!  There were the expected hints of cinnamon and ginger that were mellowed nicely by the coconut and lemongrass.  It had a slight warmth but also a fresh and fruity finish that transformed the traditional masala chai into something truly different.  On a side note, the brownie was definitely a wise decision.

I would certainly recommend giving this Adagio’s Thai Chai a try, especially if you are a chai fan, or if you find the spiciness of a traditional chai a little too much.  This mellower mixture of ingredients that takes inspiration from South East Asia would be great as a mid-afternoon or evening cuppa and will provide a warming and relaxing experience for any that give it a go!

You can find Adagio’s Thai Chai here if you’re interested in trying it.

Are you a chai lover? Are you a traditionalist or are you happy giving modern twists a go? Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you.





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  1. I’m skeptical about the coconut? Then again, one of my favorite Thai beverages is an iced tea with sweetened coconut milk, so mayhap it isn’t as far-fetched in my mind as I thought.

    Most the time I pass over Chai because I find it too spicy, but I like your description. I may give it a go!

    Also, the brownie looks all manner of yum. Happy house hunting!


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